A Delicious Mutton Stew

After a full day of exploring the lighthouse, I accepted his invitation. Wonderful aromas wafted from the kitchen as I stole a glance in his direction.
He plucked some fuzzy leaves from a pot on the windowsill and breathed deeply.   Then he offered them to me.
After a moment’s hesitation, I obliged.
“Mmmmmm…. Smells wonderful, what is it?”
He chopped the leaves and dropped them in the mutton stew simmering over an open flame
“Plectranthus amboinicus” he replied.
Plectranthus amboinicus is native to South and East Africa. Also known as Cuban Oregano, Mexican Mint, or Spanish Thyme,  It can be found growing in coastal bush, rocky slopes, or sandy flats at low elevations.
It also thrives in containers and should be protected from frost in winter.